Home Delivery Program

We care deeply about ensuring our homebound neighbors are not food insecure because of age or infirmity.

Serving Regular ($8.00 per day) and Therapeutic Diets ($10.00 per day) every Monday through Friday of the year between 11am and 12:15pm (weather permitting).

Payment is in advance for service and can be paid weekly or monthly. We accept checks, money orders, cash, or EBT Access cards.

Located in Lancaster, PA we service all parts of the city and much of the surrounding community including all of Manheim Twp and Hempfield Twp school districts, Upper Leacock to Brownstown and Leola, Lampeter from the city to the outlets, south into Willow Street and West nearly to Columbia. Please see our partner’s page for the other programs serving Lancaster County or call us for any questions about territory or service. (717) 392-4842.

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Our Goals

We believe everyone has a right to food, more importantly perhaps is that the food is nutritious and delightful.

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200 out of 250 volunteers
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  • Meals on Wheels of Lancaster. Thank you for your services in delivering meals on week days. I'm in good shape. Blessings,

    Ella Mae Hershey
  • Thank you for the service. It would have been much more difficult to recover without it. Sincerely,

    Bob Weaver
  • Thank you again for the good meals and my hamburger and barbecue. Keep cool and God Bless. Love,

    Mary Thompson

Invitation to Join

It takes 60 volunteers on top of 7 staff EVERY DAY to run our program. Please generously join the important with your finances or time.